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Aroma of Beauty 

Roger W. LowtherTokyo, Japan

June 5, 2021

“Aroma of Beauty is one of those books that sings, lilts, and woos you toward the Creator of all beauty. The poignant stories of love and service amidst such devastation give clear voice to the gospel—the light that shines best in dark places. I left the book inspired to love Jesus more and sacrifice my …

Christianity & Creativity 

Roger W. LowtherTokyo, Japan

December 30, 2020

Word on the Street

Pippy the Piano and the Very Big Wave 

Roger W. LowtherTokyo, Japan

December 3, 2020

After a tsunami strikes the city of Kamaishi, Japan, a church finds their beloved piano upside down and covered in a big pile of mud and debris. Rather than throw it out, they decide to spend the enormous amounts of time and money necessary to fix it.

The Broken Leaf: Meditations on Art, Life, and Faith in Japan 

Roger W. LowtherTokyo, Japan

December 21, 2019

Roger W. Lowther’s first published book now available on Amazon in the US and Japan! See for details.

St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) 

Roger W. LowtherTokyo, Japan

December 20, 2019

St. Francis is famous for his great love for animals—Western art is full of images of him preaching to the birds—but did you know that he also created the first live nativity with real animals and people? In 1223 AD after returning from a trip to the Holy Land, he appealed to the senses of …