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Seto Cat Festival 

Peter BakelaarNagoya, Japan

December 20, 2019

Shamisen Cat and Cat Hondana were displayed during the Seto Cat Festival October 4-6, 2019 to participate in the life of the community, engage traditional cultural issues, and introduce Studio Nani …

Broken Beauty 

Katy FreemanTokyo, Japan

December 20, 2019

In my first journal entry from my arts internship in Japan, I wrote, “I will admit, there’s already a part of me that feels lonely and disengaged. That seems to be common here. I want to fight this tendency. I want to see the ways God is working, the ways that His creation is already evident. Lord, show me the ways you are already here.” Now, months later, I want to share what God has shown me …

Anne and I 

Ellie HoneaTokyo, Japan

September 30, 2019

“I see that you are a missionary on a religious activities visa. I’m sorry to ask this but do you understand there is no proselytizing at the school allowed?” It was right after my Japanese placement test, a week before language school started. The head teacher talked his way around and finally up to this question, clearly even more uncomfortable with the conversation than I …

Can Arts Also Be Missions? 

Tom MillsAtlanta, Georgia

August 15, 2019

Art can build bridges between cultures, create community, provide a window into lives and hearts, and make us more aware of our humanity and our brokenness. Listen in as five MTW missionary artists discuss art and missions.

A Creative Manifesto 

Jonas DavisonTokyo, Japan

July 19, 2019

I was recently asked about the differences between artists who are Christians and those who are not (yet). As you can imagine, it is frequently hard to tell who-believes-what from our artworks! My answer comes from the notion that the artist-Christian is a theologian working to apply God’s word to all of life. Every artist takes little pieces of God’s creation and breaks down, rearranges, and crafts them into little pieces of something new—what we and Tolkien might call sub-creation. But only the artist-Christian is doing this knowingly …