Tim Mills

September 1, 2018Bangkok, Thailand

Tim Mills, artist in residence with the Bangkok urban church-planting team, continues to expand his ceramics studio and further relationships in the city’s burgeoning art scene. Recent work includes this communion ware commissioned by All Souls Fellowship in Decatur, Georgia, USA. 

John and Julie Bowles returned to Bangkok mid-summer, and John stepped back into his work as a graphic designer/art director with one of Thailand's top design firms. Please pray for John as he works in this creative community and for their family as they adjust back to life in Thailand.

Please pray for the myriad relationships the team has with the urban art community. May God be known and glorified through these friendships. MTW Bangkok team is looking for artists interested in art internships for 1 to 11 months. If interested please contact Tim Mills.

Chalice and Platter (2018), Tim Mills
Iron rich stoneware, glaze