Be Still and Know That I Am God

Roger W. Lowther

March 18, 2020Tokyo, Japan

Heavy creaking in the ceiling above my head jolted my sleep-numbed mind into consciousness. My eyes flew open.

What is that noise? Where am I?

“Everybody out! This is a big one!” someone behind me yelled.

That was all it took. I blindly fumbled in the dark for my flashlight, always near my head for emergencies just like this, and my jacket. The floor beneath moved chaotically, making it hard to keep my balance as I stood. I somehow made it to the door frame, which I grabbed to catch my balance, and pushed my way outside.

Then there was nothing to do but wait. The wind was bitingly cold. I stood there, surrounded by a group of fellow relief workers, watching and listening as the old building swayed back and forth. My right foot was soaking wet. Shoot, I must have run through a puddle, I thought. One minute, I’m warm and happy in dream land. The next, I’m wet and cold, standing out here in the dark.

How much longer? Will this never end?

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