Gallery nani Grand Opening

Peter Bakelaar

January 3, 2021Nagoya, Japan

Grand Opening of Gallery NANI on November 28, 2020!

NANI (Nagoya Arts Network International) exists for the training and equipping of artists and those interested in the arts to engage local communities and beyond. Our goal is the multiplication of gospel encounters through the arts that will lead to authentic followers of Jesus established in grace-centered communities and the worship of God in Spirit and Truth.

Art invites questions and plays a unique role in creating culturally relevant dialogue and communication. This is especially true for Japan which has a very aesthetically minded culture. Artistic creativity can be a conduit of discovery, helping connect others and promote growth in ourselves and our communities.

NANI recognizes the strategic role of the arts in fostering creativity and imagination to engage and connect with others through unique doors of opportunity. NANI seeks to expand collaboration and exchange of ideas through the arts. Exhibitions, artist residencies, and discussion groups give opportunities to talk about art and the creative process and to approach life holistically with our heart and soul.

NANI exists to facilitate, equip, network, and collaborate with other artists and those interested in the arts to train, equip, mentor, and mobilize others to creatively engage our world and shape our culture.