Aroma of Beauty

Roger W. Lowther

June 5, 2021Tokyo, Japan

Aroma of Beauty is one of those books that sings, lilts, and woos you toward the Creator of all beauty. The poignant stories of love and service amidst such devastation give clear voice to the gospel—the light that shines best in dark places. I left the book inspired to love Jesus more and sacrifice my life for his sake and the sake of a broken, complicated world.”

—MARY DEMUTH, author of 42 books including Thin Places: A Memoir

What would you do if a natural disaster decimated a huge part of your country?

After Japan’s catastrophic Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Roger Lowther’s family and community found themselves reeling from a series of devastating blows:

  • Magnitude 9.0 earthquake
  • Monstrous 120 foot tsunami
  • Exploding nuclear power plants
  • Tens of thousands dead
  • Hundreds of thousands homeless

How can you demonstrate God’s presence and goodness to people living in devastation around you? How do you find hope in the middle of so much despair?

In the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in history, music had a healing power never dreamed possible. An electrifying sense of hope, almost tangible, wafted through the air. In those moments, beauty won over fear and despair.

These stories of the aroma of God’s beauty and presence in the aftermath and devastation will encourage you, inspire you, and change you.