To the End of the Age

Roger W. Lowther

August 29, 2021Tokyo, Japan

Global Consultation on Arts and Music in Missions (GCAMM)
July 12–15, 2021

“For many years, I thought that by choosing to be a missionary, I was laying my art interests at Jesus’s feet, considering it to be an offering to be burned up, turned to ash, and rendered useless.” (Matt Taylor, visual artist missionary, GCAMM 2021)

Puthigan "book song" is a musical folk style in the northern region of Bangladesh for sharing stories and information. Two men talk about how intentionally putting scripture into this style enabled them to widely share the gospel from 2015–2018.
When missionaries first came to the Democratic Republic of Congo, they had musicians burn native instruments. In this video, Brian Schrag shares the challenges and joys of gradually bringing those instruments back into the life of the church.