A Life Transformed in Tokyo

Claire Rodger

April 1, 2022Washington DC

Chieko Ozawa came to faith after being invited to a Bible study during a three-year stint in England. She fell in love with Christ and the Church, but her faith threatened her relationships with what she most loved. Her husband and mother were not supportive of her conversion to Christianity and she feared she might lose her marriage. She also feared she would never again be able to play her beloved koto, a Japanese harp-like instrument, she inherited from her grandmother. Because the instrument has its roots in Buddhism, Chieko was reluctant to use play it at all after giving her life to Christ. Back in Tokyo, God led her to a new church, and a new understanding of her freedom in Christ, and she is now able to use the koto to share her love for God in an artistic way.

Murray and Claire Rodger are missionary filmmakers serving with MTW.