Bruce Young

August 15, 2023Chattanooga, TN

See the God of grace clearly....

One crisp fall morning, a beautiful snow-capped Mt. Fuji stands out against the clear blue sky. As you drive closer, the shape and color become even more distinguishable and awe-inspiring. Then suddenly, something takes your enjoyment away. A line of trees completely blocks your view of the mountain. You try to look around, over, and through the trees, but you cannot see the mountain, even though you know it is still there. 

What if the beautiful mountain you are trying to enjoy is the God of grace? What are the “trees” in your life that block your view of this amazing God?

God is the source of all beauty, yet so many struggles and challenges in life can block your view of him. Bruce Young, lifelong missionary to the Japanese, identifies these obstacles while showing how to once again live in full view of the God of grace.

Living in Full View of the God of Grace
By Bruce Young
Community Arts Media, 2023